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These are a Few of my Favorite [Greek] Things...

Fakes- the Greek version of lentil soup. I’m going to add a ridiculous amount of sriracha to this when I get home.

Freddo Espresso- iced, frothy, strong espresso.

Greek Coffee- basically, you boil this specially made coffee until it foams up and then pour it (grounds and all) into a cup to drink it. Can you say “jacked?!”

Greek Salad- well, duh. And with fresh feta from the neighbor’s very happy, very free range goat, it’s like crack for me.

Cheap, Delicious Boxed Wine- I mean, c'mon America, get it right.

Chili Tomato Sauce- okay, so it’s not Greek but, if you make this yummy sauce with garden fresh tomatoes and add some kalamata olives, it’s pretty damn close.

Lemon Groves- the fact that if I crave a lemon, I can walk outside, pluck one off a tree, peel and eat it, still blows my mind.

Greek Hiphop- it sounds like it could be weird, but I’m totally into it.

Free Range Animals- goats, sheep, chickens, cats, ducks… They all run around as they please and basically live the best lives of all the animals on Skyros.. The dogs, ponies, cows, and donkeys are another story…

Generosity- I know that “everything comes with a price on Skyros,” but, I’ve been welcomed into every home I’ve encountered with open arms and have relieved a superfluous amount of free food, coffee, beer, gifts, from the Skyrian people. It’s unbelievable how generous these people have been to me- the farmers of Trachi in particular.

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