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Christmas Trip 2014: Owen’s River Gorge Routes


Clip Jr 5.6-

Welcome to the Gorge 5.9-


Helga’s Holiday 5.7-

Hagar'n'hilti 5.9- 1 take after the final bolt

Sunstroke 5.9- I really don’t even know where to begin on this one… I pretty much had a melt down

12/22 aka the day of Top Roping

Enter the Dragon 5.8-

Fortune cookie 5.9-

Heart of the sun 5.9-

Child of Light 5.9-

Sendero Luminoso 10b- one of the most terrifying pitches of slab after some pretty rad climbing… the exposure on this one was just.. neat… and, of course, it got five stars (this was a point of contention for both Andy and I)


Weird al 5.7-

Hey bubba watch this 10c- this climb was super, super rad. I sent the 10c crux after one try on TR and wished I had been brave enough to lead it.

unknown route- done on TR- there’s a discrepancy about the grade here but it was possibly 5.9

Unknown Corner 5.8- cool and chossy.


Rest Day aka learning day for Corie ! Andy taught me how to build all sorts of anchors!

(this day began warm and sunny and progressed quickly into frigidness)


happy boulders


Watch for Rocks 5.8-

Batting Cage 10c- sent on TR; once again really should have been brave enough to lead it

Boating Prohibited 10a- onsight!

Warning: laser beam 5.8-

Warning signs 10d- super duper hard TR climb for me… and it was followed by…

Timeless 10d- EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE. I battled my way on TR up this one (and mostly had fun)


Northern Lite 5.7- this was supposed to be 5 stars… i thought it was a bit weird.

Hum Job 5.9-

Humdinger 10a- set up the TR anchor here from Hum Job. It was interesting but it was by far my favorite route of the day despite receiving only a couple of stars…

Cadillac Desert 10c- I thought I could send this one… but the crux (clipping stances dammit) destroyed me on lead so I gave up.

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