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Breaking Out: Nomad-Style.

I went on a solo adventure this afternoon. This place is so beyond amazing that I can't stand to sit around and wait for everyone to be ready to go. I just have to move. Being back in Greece has brought out the explorer in me and I want to spend every second looking for the next route to climb, the next section of trail to explore, the next point from which we can watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea. It's heaven.

I onsighted the hardest route of my climbing career today- a sweet 10c that is a mix of fun stemming, bomber pockets, and sharp jugs. It even has a slightly overhanging section on it. It was amazing. And what was even more amazing was watching Lucile cruise up it after me...! Psych was super high after that.

I'm not exactly keen on having access to wifi when we're in the studio. I think it makes people less present and detracts from the magic of the experience. My frustrations are cemented further when people bust out their phones to check Facebook rather than chat about the wonderful day we had or will have. But that doesn't mean that I can't be present. Working will be enough "reality-checking" for me I think. I'd rather spend my time catching up with Keller and Lucile and Patrick- it's so wonderful having them here. One year between visits is far too long! It's also a bit (okay really extremely a lot) unfortunate that my worst fears about specific dynamics are coming to fruition- only worse since all of the whining and crying and "poor me" bullshit is too much... Especially in this place. The entire island is so intense and beautiful that I'm not sure how anyone can NOT be having a thoroughly incredible time.

Corie Takes Greece: the More Extreme Sequel can't have the same dark cloud looming over it that we saw in the first rendition. So, soaking in sunsets, pouring blood onto sharp Kalymnian Rock, savoring freshly made feta and olive bread will all have to happen with the fullest, most open heart I can muster ;) Now.. Onto our rest day...

Deep water solo'ing, island exploration on scooters, Greek wine. Magic.

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