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People who have known me for a long time and have spent the summer months with me know that I am basically a pale person. I get a nice healthy glow in the summer months- the natural consequence of being an active individual- but typically, my idea of bronze involves a heavy amount of freckling and sun bleached hair working in tandem to make me look brown. It is therefore both exciting and shocking for me to see myself in the mirror. Even this evening, after committing to several hours on the beach (spf50 included), I looked down and was like “god I’m filthy!” I very nearly dropped my apricot I was so appalled. One very thorough shower later, however, and I’m still browner than many of the locals. My hair is blonder now that it’s been since I was a child. My freckles are vying for recognition against the skin on my face. I have a crazy assortment of very pale tan lines running randomly around my body. Maybe all it takes for me to get tan is 7+ weeks on a Greek island. If that’s the case, I’m going to need a lot more money and summers off…

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