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Pushing the Positive

For the last 5 days, we’ve had a woman staying with us who is a clinician for a newer training method called QUANTUM SAVVY. Her aunt runs another Skyrian conservation site so she has previously worked with Skyrians but she’s based in England, where she has a horse of her own. She’s a lovely, lovely woman. The horsemanship experience aside, she has made a huge difference in the energy on the farm. What I mean by this is that everyone who associates with the animals (cats, dogs, chickens, bunny, ponies…) all have very strong, fairly negative views of each animal which they project equally strongly on the animal. For example, we were deciding which ponies to work the other day and I mentioned Chloe, a 3 year old that I’ve never seen out of the field. Everyone (other volunteers included) rolled their eyes and started saying the most awful things about the little mare- “she’s such a cow” “don’t work with her” “she’s awful….”. Immediately the entire energy of the room shifted to anger and I became very uncomfortable. The QS woman has very strongly pushed everyone here to have an open mind, to “empty the energy bank” so that our expectations don’t manifest. Because horses feel that. They feel your anger, anxiety, excitement, and they respond to it (which is why horses are such amazing therapy/equine facilitated learning animals). But that’s the way things are here almost to a T- before anything happens, the negative is discussed, there is no discussion about the positives, the successes, the minute improvements or goals. Every person here is stuck in the negative. So having our lovely QS clinician here has made my life just a little bit sweeter because not only does she not shut down my positive, she encourages it, and she encourages everyone else’s positive as well.

I could feel myself starting to adapt to my environment there for a while- I began chiming in with negative statements, grumpy vibes, irritation with my world. But, I’ve had a reality check, a form of validation, if you will, that I can be a positive, energetic person, and not be resented for it. So thank you, QUANTUM SAVVY, for reopening my eyes.

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