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First Contact

It is afternoon in Magazia and I have finished lunch (stuffed tomatoes… Oh my god were they delicious!)

Yesterday I was finally able to message/email/FaceTime with some of my favorite people- including my family (who, I learned, were quite concerned about my lack of contact- no wifi is no fun). It was so wonderful being able to talk to people back home that I spent hours on a wave of emotions- small tears of happiness made their way down my cheeks whenever my phone buzzed and I had a stupid grin plastered on my face when I saw Andy on my phone screen for the first time since I left Missouri. Photos, messages, emails, were all received (many with the “5 days ago” stamp on them) with happiness and awe.

I genuinely miss everyone back home and it is a huge adjustment not being able to call or write to people when I want to. The town of Magazia is not at all close to the farm and coming here on my days off will have to suffice.

The work is hard. I sleep soundly and have determined that by the time I come home I will either be 100% OK having roommates or will be deeply traumatized by having shared such a small living space with others (3 of us now- there will be 4 for about ten days starting next week…). My intense drive to clean and organize is being worked to death and I struggle with the reality of “deal with it” or “create tension.” So I deal. And I clean up after meals and sweep the floors and wipe down the bathroom, trying not to cringe at others’ lifestyles and accepting that, being an exceptionally clean person, living with others is bound to be challenging.

Moving toward the Festival (June 20-22), my free time will likely be impeded upon. I am frustrated by the idea of having simply one day off each week but am working to accept things and realize that this is only a brief, tight period of my life, and soon things will go back to running smoothly.

I spent the morning exploring the village and made my way to the post office to send my letter.

It is so lovely here and I continue to be awed by the sheer simplicity and beauty of Greece. I consider myself fortunate to have been given the opportunity to spend the next two months here and I look forward to the adventures and opportunities my future holds.

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