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Long(est) Run Prep

My longest run of the training cycle is tomorrow. I am a big fan of the two-week taper method so I'll keep next week's "long" run to about 2-2.5 hours. My body just seems to really need that extra time to refuel and with my new dietary restrictions, coming up with enough calories to fuel my body throughout big efforts has been a bit of a challenge. The bonus to my new diet is that, in theory, eliminating all of the foods that were causing inflammation should speed up my recovery time even more... I have noticed this already and my body stays sore for shorter periods of time than it had previously (except when I lift because lifting is hard).

So, my new, shiny, food allergy list is updated here:





-cow dairy*

-citrus - OK in small doses if I eat it with protein + fat

-bananas- this one is tricky as they seem to do OK when cooked but eating them raw hasn't gone well.

*i seem to be more tolerant of dairy than I was the last time I tried eating it but it still makes my GI tract a little grumpy.

I already eat a pretty clean, pescetarian diet so my normal life wasn't disrupted a whole, whole lot but eliminating foods that are high up on the ingredients list of most "energy foods" has made life (and grocery shopping!) challenging. I literally beg Andy to include a rice or something heavy when it's his night to make dinner. Otherwise, I end up hungry at 3am.

I've been diligent about keeping a journal of foods that do NOT agree with my stomach and blood sugar (I dump water when I intake too much simple sugar) so I don't have to re-remember when I'm delirious in the middle of a long run.

Packing for tomorrow's ~30 miler includes the following:

- Dehydrated "Just Mango" from Trader Joes

- Enjoy Life Protein Bites (this will be my first time eating these so wish me luck!)

- Homemade GF Trail Mix Cookies

If you want to try Skout bars (highly recommended by me!), I have a F&F code you can use for 25% off your order: SK-pquzx5

Running next month's 50M with such a limited diet ought to be a really interesting experience since I won't have much to stock up on at the ONLY AID STATION on the course but I am definitely hoping that good preparation and a solid fueling system will set me up for success!


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