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A Little Movement

Finally, FINALLY after 9 weeks of crutches and/or brace restrictions, I was able to move a little bit this last weekend. I spent 2/2 weekend days "hiking" and it was a combination of gloriousness and frustration as I carefully wound my way around the trails of Forest Park, attempted to walk in the snow on the Wilson River Trail, and power-walked around the Sandy River Delta with Andy and Cinder. My OH! my is my uphill fitness lacking. My calves and lungs burned as I struggled up Firelane 1 and trudged up Dogwood. But, at least I was struggling outside :)

I also took it upon myself to do as much 'fast' walking as I could do around our neighborhood with Cinder. I'm not nearly fit (or well) enough to cruise at my usual speedy 13/min mile walk but it was good enough for me to take time before and after work to see the sights and sounds of the place we call home.

It has been most challenging to follow people's rad adventures on social media and, again, I struggled this last week to stay positive and excited for my friend's outings. I still felt a lot like a silly whiner since I'm not dealing with a career-ending injury or looking at a life forever changed by catastrophe but the feelings I'm feeling are still raw and frustrating and holding them in has never been helpful so I'm not going to keep them to myself any longer.

This weekend, the plan is to kick and glide in and out of White River Canyon for as long as my calf and ankle can stand. No downhill skiing will be had but beginning to rebuild my touring fitness will be a good step toward coming back as strong as I can as soon as I can. Plus, it will be great to play on skis for the first time since mid-December!

Some things I'm currently taking on a (mostly) daily basis in addition to my already packed medicine cabinet:

***I have no affiliation with Mountain Rose Herbs. I have just been a customer of theirs for nearly a decade and I stand by the quality of their products and the good they do for our planet.***

To follow along on any of my (cardiovascular) training, you can find me on Strava. I don't log my time doing PT on there because, frankly, there are too any apps to log data in and I didn't want to worry about adding Strava to my strength training regimine. My regular weekly plan includes as much walking as possible, oodles of PT, and as much time on the bike trainer as I can stand.


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