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A Few [Infuriating & Sexist] Quotes

Skiing Mount Saint Helens

A day in the life of a female ski-mountaineer can go one of two ways: I feel supported, psyched, and completely confident the entire time I'm pushing my limits, or I get inundated with comments such as the following:

"It's totally fine up there but.... you have to be comfortable on this sort of terrain."

"Why don't you go call your boyfriend and see what he thinks. I bet he can help you decide."

"Isn't he just guiding you up all this stuff?"

"Are you sure she's ready to climb [insert name of peak here]?"

"I think it's awesome that you took that class! That way, it won't just be your boyfriend taking care of you..."

It's a miracle I've managed to survive as long as I have with my significant other "taking care of me."

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