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This is Where I Live

It’s terrifyingly tiny (and I can’t seem to keep it clean-trust me I try every day). But it’s certainly allowing me to gain insight on what the word “comfort” means and is teaching me the importance and insignificance of luxuries. For example-

1) being able to walk around the house barefoot is something I once took for granted. Now? I’m more comfortable being barefoot outside than inside.

2) having to shake out your bedding before going to sleep each night is extremely annoying. I can’t even get across how annoying it is to have others wipe their own debris EVERYWHERE… That’s what outside is for.

3) maintaining a clean kitchen is lovely. I even miss bleach (and I HATE bleach).

4) at the present moment, taking an actual shower with an OVERHEAD shower head seems like the greatest gift anyone could give me.

5) I never, ever, EVER want to have roommates. But, I know, now, that I can. Which is good.

PS People are messy....

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