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4/28 Breakthrough?

Mulling over last weekend's disaster(s) in between boulder problems at the gym tonight, I think I had a breakthrough: As much as I hate it- I need to boulder. A LOT. let me explain: my recent issues have been 90% mental and 10% skill-based. Bottom line? I get really damn scared on routes when I'm above my last clip. That's normal within reason, but my fear stems from insecurity when I don't have an immediate backup. I also get scared when I'm trying a hard problem in the gym and get pumped more than 10 feet from the cushy, puffy ground. This is irrational, especially coming from someone who is able to consistently convince herself that she has the balls to onsight random routes at the crag. I need to be able to grow said balls at will and have the confidence to put them to work. So what's the plan? How will I combat this newfound irrationality? I will boulder. And i will force myself into those "I DESPERATELY WANT TO OVERGRIP AND PANIC SINCE MY LAST BOLT IS TWO FEET BENEATH ME" moments in a slightly more controlled space. In process, I will also become more powerful. Power + confidence = sending juice Here goes nothin...

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