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Smith Rock 3/28/15

What Went Down:

- Nice Guys Finish Last 5.9

- Here and Never Found 5.8

- Popper 10a

I am slightly disappointed in myself since I only climbed 3 routes on this day. But the extra hiking to get away from the Spring Break crowds definitely limited the amount of rock time and I really wanted to let Andy put some time into The Product. Next weekend I’ll hit more routes and spend less time shivering between patches of sunshine and nomming down on KINDbars (thanks again, KIND, for being such an awesome support!).

But,I ticked another 10a off my list and the route was pretty cool- balancey and fun but it didn’t make any sense at first so I took a hang, scoped it out a bit, then came down and sent it 2nd go. Pretty cool.

We also met a marmot named Wilbur. He and I are friends. I nearly adopted him but he decided to continue to be the guardian of Smith and remained behind, tearfully, when we left.

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