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Wedding Shenanigans- 9/20/14

So my second (or third?) cousin got married on September 20 in a beautiful ceremony at Tualitin Valley Country Club. One of the largest PLUSes for their choice of venue was that it was a mere 13 miles away from Andy’s house. When we realized this, I half heartedly, half jokingly suggested that we ride bicycles to the wedding. Well… in #pandapowercouple fashion, we ran with this idea.

A plan began to formulate in our heads… we could climb Friday night and Saturday morning at French’s dome, then drive back, shower, stuff our ‘fancy’ clothes into backpacks, and hop on two of Andy’s bikes, arriving just in time for the wedding.

This plan was perfect. The ride was perfect- having not been on a road bicycle in mannnnny years, I was a bit rusty, but things were going well until… we hit the first set of railroad tracks. Andy said “you should pop your front tire over these” in a very casual manner as we came up to them. Haha, I thought, no way am I going to do tricks on a bicycle… well, I wish I’d at least tried. Or I wished I had tried as my bike came skating out from underneath me and I landed in a heap on the side of the road. In shock, and bleeding from quite a few places, I drug myself (and the bike) onto the sidewalk and began taking a series of deep breaths, attempting to not pass out. As spots of vision passed before my eyes, I realized that my dream of arriving unscathed on bicycles to a wedding would not be a reality and decided to simply set my sights on not getting too much blood on my dress.

It all turned out OK and we definitely had quite an adventure (which is why I’ve posted a little blurb about it on this page). But we still looked quite dashing at the end of the night…

The real trouble started on the bike ride home when yours truly was too intoxicated to ride in a straight line… prompting a phone call to a friend to come pick us up.

Oops. Next time, less alcohol…

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