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Resume Building

Things I’ve learned nearly 5 weeks into my stay on Skyros:

1. Some people will not only NOT enjoy positive enthusiasm but they will also go out of their way to squash it. 2. There are many, many ways of communicating with others… Several of which involve large amounts of screaming and cursing. 3. It is quite possible to communicate all of your basic needs with someone via hand gestures and grunting. 4. Smiling will only get you so far in certain situations. 5. Event plans are capable of changing up to the very hour before the event begins and if you ask questions about the reason for the changes, you will be criticized- publicly. 6. Not everyone has a concrete sense of time. 7. Cigarette smoke is beyond nauseating and “non smoking” signs are simply my favorite things. 8. Each person has their own concept of “organization” and “cleanliness.” 9. Prioritizing and scheduling aren’t for everyone. 10. On the occasion that you work under the supervision of someone who alternates between passive, obvious dramatics and aggressive, unnecessary shouting, it is very, very possible to not only NOT cry angry tears, but to smile, nod, and yes “thank you, what else would you like from me?”

I’m so hireable right now it’s ridiculous.

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