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13 June: One Week til Showtime

The First Annual Skyrian Horse Festival is one week from today. We did our first rehearsal yesterday (of one part of the performance). I was also assigned a new pony yesterday. Her name is Theodora, she’s a 5 year old brood mare, and she hasn’t done a single thing in 3 years (besides have a foal). She has a fiery, energetic personality and she’s wicked smart so she’s picking up the necessary skills quickly- lunging, standing on a tire, learning a unique trick, trotting in and out of a crowded ring with other ponies with live music blaring, and lunging on the same circle as 3 other ponies. All needed to be mastered in one week. My life here just got more interesting. I’ve also taken on the responsibility of training the neighbor’s rescued donkey- she is currently nameless and lives on a tether in a nearby field. She’s quite terrified of everything but she’s adorable and I hope I can be helpful with her. If I gentle her, I get to name her, which is neat :)

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