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The Road to Kymi

After finally taking a seat on the correct bus, I began taking in all the sites and signs of not only the towns and countryside we passed through, but also the people I was traveling with. It was the first time I can remember in which I wasn’t plugged in or checking my phone every five minutes for texts or calls. I felt truly present- for the entire 3 ½ hour bus ride.

The most important lesson I learned on the trip to Kymi was to never rent a car in Greece. Greeks are crazy drivers. The roads are windy and narrow, and pedestrians and cyclists have no rights on the road and are as likely to be hit (or nearly hit) as the drivers doing the hitting are to pop over a curb. There was a lot of yelling involved. A lot of driving between lanes, on the shoulders of the road, and by the time I finally de boarded, I had determined that the sound of a honking horn is the worst noise known to mankind. It was an absolute trip.

Another valuable lesson is that Greek men are very nice to young, obviously foreign, women. Old Greek women, however, are prone to laughing, pointing, and (what I’m certain was) “trash talking” when said foreign women sit in the wrong place on the bus…

The journey by bus was excellent, beside all of the insanity. It was challenging to take photos, due to the insane driving and glare from the sun, but Greek countryside is GORGEOUS and after 3 ½ hours of touring, I’m pretty sure when I say that Greece is by far the loveliest place I’ve been.

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