Deschutes Brewery

A couple of years ago, Deschutes Brewery made its move into the world of canned beverages. As a micro-influencer in the social media community, I was tasked with generating curated images and captions to help spread the good news.

I worked closely with the Portland agency charged with the campaign, and submitted on-time, curated SM posts that aligned with their calendar.

I was introduced on their social media platforms as well as via their blog post:

"Celebrating Can-Do Attitudes"

Next Adventure

My climbing partner and I are Athlete Ambassadors for Next Adventure, a Portland-based outdoor store. As part of their community, we provide trip reports, gear reviews, and general "EXCITE" stories for their blog. My goal with every article is to inspire, excite, and motivate people to get outside and challenge themselves to reach their goals:

Demo'ing Skis

Mount Hood via Cooper Spur

Zion 55k Race Report


If you want to read more, check out the full selection of articles we've written on their blog.

Passion Projects